Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sweat Nation right for me?

Sweat Nation is the right platform and community if you’re looking for a fitness experience that will challenge and change you, help you stay committed, see results and enable you to reach your full potential. We take all of those struggles into account, and make healthy living ENJOYABLE and SUSTAINABLE for beginner to and advanced level members. All the workouts focus on building lean, strong muscle, while burning fat and building a healthy, functional body. We’re here to make you feel amazing on the inside, while building a community of supportive members on the outside.

How does the platform work?

By signing up for the monthly or annual subscriptions, you’ll get unlimited access to a growing library of full-length, follow along workouts, recipes, mobility routines, and more. If you require more structure and accountability, are looking for something different, or get a feel for our trainers, purchase lifetime access to one of our challenges to help you kickstart your journey!

Do I require a gym membership?

No! We believe in bringing fitness together – anytime, anywhere. That means all of our workouts are designed to be completed from either at home or the gym. Every routine and exercise can be progressed and adapted to where you feel most comfortable working out, and what you have access to.

What equipment do I need? Can I still do the workouts without it?

Our platform does offer many bodyweight routines and exercises that can be done without equipment. But, there are a few useful pieces of gear in order to get the most out of the workouts. This includes:

  • Dumbbells
  • Booty Bands (of different resistances)
  • Long Resistance Band
  • Chair, bench or low table
  • Step or yoga block
  • Sliders or towel
  • Yoga mat

For high-quality equipment used by our trainers, check out our line of Sweat Nation equipment here. Our members regularly receive special offers and promotions.

What are the workouts like?

Our ever-growing library contains workouts that range from 5 to 45 minutes in length. Whatever your mood and fitness level, we’ve got you covered. All workouts incorporate strength training and/or HIIT for an effective and challenging sweat session. You also receive full warm-up and cool-down videos, mobility and stretching routines, and mini HIIT circuits to get your blood pumping! Sweat Nation is committed to bringing our members multiple new workouts every week, featuring an expanding network of trainers and different training styles.

Are the videos follow along?

Yes! All videos are full-length and follow-along with the trainer instructing and sweating with you. We make it as simple as possible so you can focus on your workout. All you have to do is press play.

Where can I watch the content?

All our videos are accessible through your account login on any internet browser. That means you can watch on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile – and also through a smart TV or screencasting. At this time, we do not offer an app experience.

Can I download content directly to my device?

Unfortunately we do not allow video content to be downloaded. This is to prevent unauthorized distribution on third party sites. You are able to download PDF documents of recipes and various workout plans, where applicable.

What if I’m a beginner?

Sweat Nation is made up of members across all different levels of fitness, sweating with us each and every day. We have workout options for those who haven’t stepped foot into a gym before, to members who have 10+ years of experience. To make it easy, we have a selection of workouts categorized as “LIGHT” which are aimed towards beginners or those who want a lower intensity session. In addition, our trainers offer suggestions and demonstrations during workouts on how to adjust exercises or routines for different fitness levels.

All members also benefit from access to our exclusive Facebook group where everyone is free to ask questions, share tips, celebrate progress, get feedback and cheer each other on.

Will I be able to get direct coaching or support from trainers?

After you sign up, you will get access to our exclusive, members-only Facebook group. Sweat Nation trainers are active in the group on a daily basis, answering questions, sharing info and supporting members with their training.

What kind of accountability is there?

All of Sweat Nation is here for you. We’re in this together! That includes our trainers, staff and members. With access to our exclusive community you’ll have more than enough motivation, advice and support. Our trainers are always there to answer your questions, help you come up with the best training plan for your goals, and keep you on track.

Will I see results?

That my friend, is up to you! Results come from long-term consistency, a generally healthy diet, and desire to push yourself in your workouts. Sweat Nation is here to provide you with all those tools – plus accountability and support – to reach your full potential. We’ve had members see positive results both mentally and physically, in as little as two weeks. Our trainers have helped hundreds, even thousands, of members reach their goals and keep them coming back to reach new, even higher ones. The more time and effort you put in, the better you’ll do. And don’t forget - we are always there for you!

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. By cancelling you’ll ensure you’re not charged for your next billing cycle. However there are no partial refunds after a subscription period has started. I.e. after signing-up for an annual subscription, you cannot get a 50% refund after 6 months.

To ensure you have a chance to explore and try workouts we offer a 7-day free trial on both our monthly and annual plans.

What are the challenges?

Sweat Nation challenges are more immersive and intimate fitness experiences that happen only a few times a year. They are a great way to try something new, get started, level up your current routine or achieve a specific goal. During challenges, hundreds of members start on the same day, and progress together (virtually, of course)! Each one ranges from 3 to 6 weeks long, which is a great way to visualize your commitment to the plan. Challenges grant access to live Q&A videos with our trainers or other professionals, transformation prizes, brand new recipes, and never seen before workouts!

Challenges are one-time purchases open to purchase by both members and non-members alike, and there is no requirement to take them. Monthly and annual subscribers get member-only pricing and exclusive, savings offers on Sweat Nation challenges.